4 Papers Accepted to ACL 2023

4 papers by CopeNLU authors are accepted to appear at ACL 2023. The papers make contributions within faithfulness of explanations, measuring intersectional biases, event extraction and few-shot stance detection. Topic-Guided Sampling For Data-Efficient Multi-Domain Stance Detection. Erik Arakelyan, Arnav Arora, Isabelle Augenstein. Faithfulness Tests for Natural Language Explanations. Pepa Atanasova, Oana-Maria Camburu, Christina Lioma, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Jakob Grue Simonsen, Isabelle Augenstein. Measuring Intersectional Biases in Historical Documents. Nadav Borenstein, Karolina Stańczak, Thea Rolskov, Natacha Klein Käfer, Natália da Silva Perez, Isabelle Augenstein.

Knowledge Base Population

Extract information about entities, phrases and relations between them from text to populate knowledge bases