2 Papers Accepted to ACL 2019

Florence, Italy

2 papers by CopeNLU authors are accepted to appear at ACL 2019. One paper is on uncovering probabilistic implications in typological knowledge bases, following up from our NAACL 2019 paper on generative linguistic typology; whereas the other one is on unsupervised discovery of gendered language, utilising the multi-view autoencoder introduced in our NAACL 219 paper.

Uncovering Probabilistic Implications in Typological Knowledge Bases. Johannes Bjerva, Yova Kementchedjhieva, Ryan Cotterell, Isabelle Augenstein.

Unsupervised Discovery of Gendered Language through Latent-Variable Modeling. Alexander Hoyle, Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin, Hanna Wallach, Isabelle Augenstein, Ryan Cotterell.