3 Papers Accepted to NAACL 2022

Seattle, Washington, USA

3 papers by CopeNLU authors are accepted to appear at NAACL 2022, which are on the topics of hatespeech detection, misinformation detection and multilingual probing.

Counterfactually Augmented Data and Unintended Bias: The Case of Sexism and Hate Speech Detection. Indira Sen, Mattia Samory, Claudia Wagner, Isabelle Augenstein.

A Survey on Stance Detection for Mis- and Disinformation Identification. Momchil Hardalov, Arnav Arora, Preslav Nakov, Isabelle Augenstein.

Same Neurons, Different Languages: Probing Morphosyntax in Multilingual Pre-trained Models. Karolina StaƄczak, Edoardo Ponti, Lucas Torroba Hennigen, Ryan Cotterell, Isabelle Augenstein.